Bojeux Matchitecture - Country House

From younger days, I always love to fix things with my hands and love to explore when it comes to gadget. If you like to train your hands to do a bit of delicated work then buying yourself the Bojeux Matchitecture to build a Country House will be indeed thrilling.

It requires patient and handy work with your hands as you can slowly construct the house into it form. Due to delicate parts, you will need to know how to handle each pieces as you make it into the house. Knowing how and where it goes play an important part as you may find it confusing sometimes. But with the right set of mind, you will eventually able to piece them together and form a great looking Country House that you can proudly claim your own work of art.

Matchiteture is an easy and exciting technique, you simply need to cut and glue microbeams together, according to the plans

  • Each model is built with wood sticks called microbeams, which are cut, stuck and joined according to detailed plans and by following the pages in order


  • Every part of the construction is assembled directly on the acetate sheet provided in the packaged contents


  • Starting with a single element, the microbeam, you'll create amazing constructions