PRO PEST CONTROL - Natural Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller Controls Home Pests And Keeps Family Safe - Repel Mice, Rats, Moths, Bats And More - Learn How OTHER Electronic Repellent Devices LIE TO YOU!

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Manufacturer Description

NOW! Banish Basement Critters Fast

No Killing, No Chemicals - The End of an Infestation.

Hear that? Silence. No more scurrying, no more scratching. Your house is yours once more, it's pest repeller protected. The secret - ultrasonic sound waves. The noiseless, non-lethal repeller's the opposite of a dog whistle for rodents - it forces them to flee. Mice and rats running like mad, leaving your home, leaving you alone. FINALLY.

Why Planted Perfect?

- 60 Day Money Back Guarantee - 100% dedication to customer satisfaction - love your pest repeller or your money back
- Effective, Inexpensive, Eco-Friendly Design - enjoy your home, pest free, without paying gobs on exterminators or employing harsh chemicals around the house.
- WE DO NOT LIE TO OUR CUSTOMERS - Ultrasonic insect repellers are proven to have no effect on most insects. You deserve a company you can trust
- Amazing Customer Service - gardeners for life, customers for life

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Backed By Planted Perfect's 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand 100% behind the quality and reliability of our home and garden products. If you are not thrilled with your new rodent ridden home, return it within 60 days and we will refund your mouse repellent, no questions asked.

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Product Features

ULTRASONIC ASSAULT ON RATS AND MICE - Get rodents and critters out of the walls, out of your basement, out of your home! NO MORE droppings, no more trapping, no more scurrying and scratching keeping the kids awake. Just plug in and see the results for yourself - TRY IT IN YOUR HOME RISK FREE FOR 60 DAYS! NOISELESS, PESTICIDE FREE, FAMILY FRIENDLY PEST CONTROL - Silent, powerful repeller drives out rodents WITHOUT harmful chemicals, dangerous traps or dead pests everywhere. And don't worry, dogs and cats don't mind our inaudible, ultrasonic protection. You and your pets are perfectly safe and won't hear a thing! SAVE TIME AND MONEY - DON'T spend thousands on dangerous exterminators and needlessly expose your kids, your company and yourself to poisonous, synthetic chemicals. Instead, here's a safer, cheaper solution to your EXPENSIVE pest problems! 60 DAY WORRY FREE TRIAL - WE WON'T PROMISE A FAKE MIRACLE SOLUTION TO YOUR PEST PROBLEM. We're a company by and for homeowners and we're here 7 days a week to deliver you UNSURPASSED SERVICE, answer any home and garden questions. If an honest, effective rodent repeller company and a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE sound good, we'd love to do business with you THE TRUTH ABOUT PEST REPELLERS - You have been misled and taken advantage by most ALL insect repellent devices for sale today - false claims JUST to make the sale. At Planted Perfect we believe in serving, rather than stealing from our customers. Our electronic pest control, like ALL ultrasonic and electromagnetic repellers have NO effect on ants, spiders and roaches - it's scientifically proven, BS claims aside. BUT you still can save your home from pests. Our pest deterrents work like a charm on rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, crickets and other critters - THAT'S THE HONEST TRUTH.

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