Ultrasonic Pest Control Against Mouse, Pest Repeller Roaches, TCJOY Electronic Pest Repellent Plug In Multi-functional Intelligent, Indoor and Outdoor use, Insects Cockroach Rodents Fly Ants

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Manufacturer Description

Special Attention:
Mode 2-4 are slight squeaking, mode 5 and 6 are very powerful, will cause uncomfortable, only use in empty place without human.


Operation Instruction:
Installation height According to operation requirement.
1.For mice, install it on the wall outlet 20-30 cm off ground;
2.Big obstructions are not allowed put in front of the item: Like cabinet & sofa, etc.
3.The pest repeller should be firstly installed where rats attack frequently. When mouse gradually disappear, installed in the center of room or place where mouse can easily enter. For enhancing the effect, it should better 1 room equipped with 1 item.
4.The item should keep working 7*24 hours.

Since item repelling mice through physical effect, the best result should be gradually achieved after a continuous use for 1-4 weeks;
Mice will significantly reduce, they'll flee cause can't stand the alternative stimulation of ultrasonic wave.
In the area less mice activity, it can effect within 2 weeks;
In the beginning 3 to 5 days, some mice might be more active run about,
it's not a strange: cause mice are stimulated by ultrasonic wave produced by this item, some physiological reaction like insanity and dysphoria can be produced on them.

Working Mode:
Mode 1-2: (Green light) (Electricity default):Sine wave, 20KHZ-70 KHZ, silent, drive mice away.
Mode 3-4: (Yellow Light) Sawtooth wave, 20KHZ-70KHZ.control mice.
Mode 5-6: (Red Light & Powerful sound) Bionic wave, 10KHZ-70KHZ. Most effective for controlling mice.

Product Features

ELIMINATE PESTS FROM YOUR HOME: TCJOY Pest Repeller pest control uses ULTRASONIC & ELECTROMAGNETIC technology to drive pests away. It makes a good effect of pest control. Plugging into any standard household outlet, can be effective in controlling rats, mice, roaches, spiders, mosquitoes, ants and most of the other common pests intensively. Each Pest Revolter device covers up to 2500 square feet - sound does not pass through solid objects like walls or furniture. DON'T PUT YOUR FAMILY'S HEALTH AT RISK : TCJOY pest control by using rat traps, poisons, sprays or even hiring pest control companies. Did you know? When rats/mice die, they excrete an invisible fluid on the surface. Because pests carry over 35+ harmful diseases - if you (or your loved ones) come in contact with this surface, you and your family could have a fatal risk of diseases such as leptospirosis - which can even result in liver and kidney damage. HOW IT WORK:TCJOY Pest Repeller pest control Uses Unique intelligent control circuit, producing variety Ultrasonic ELECTROMAGNETIC Bionic wave alternating intermittently. Acting on rats and other pests in the auditory system and the nervous system, make it uncomfortable, and fled the scene. Even pests are not able to escape, will be listless, loss of appetite, loss of reproductive capacity and capability infringement. Therefore, our pest repeller is more powerful than other pest repellers. 6 WORKING MODE: These 6 working mode can pest control. Mode 1 (Electricity default) :The first working mode Sine wave, 20KHZ-70 KHZ, ULTRASONIC and ELECTROMAGNETIC, this model can not be heard by human . Mode 2: Sine wave, 20KHZ-70KHZ, ULTRASONIC. Mode 3: Sawtooth wave, 20KHZ-70KHZ, ULTRASONIC and ELECTROMAGNETIC. Mode 4: Sawtooth wave, 20KHZ-70KHZ, ULTRASONIC. Mode 5: Bionic wave, 10KHZ-70KHZ, ULTRASONIC and ELECTROMAGNETIC. Mode 6: Bionic wave, 10KHZ-70KHZ, ULTRASONIC. POWERFUL FEATURES:The pest control using the latest high-tech chip, highly integrated and powerful. The pest control Circuit design is more reasonable. There are 6 different operating modes. Nightlight illuminate orange light can spread for 600-610nm. Mosquito can not see .1-4 mode can switch on a irregular basis to use, so this pest control will prevent rat/mosquito producing the adaptation! SUGGEST: please DO NOT use the mode 5&6 when someone is in the room.

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